My Zoie Boie is 20 months old today(!) and says a few words. Some of the words she says frequently are: Puppy, Cheese, Juice, More, Mommy, Daddy, Riweee (Riley), Benweee (Bentley), NO!, Bubboo (Bubbles), Cookie. …

She does a babble kind of talk, she might be saying actual words, but I honestly have no idea what they may be. BUT, 2 days ago, as we were sitting on the couch and looking at pictures, I realized she did, in fact have a word for her big sister: Gahky.

I got super excited! I said, “Roxy! You are Gahky!!” In my mind, Roxy would be totally psyched that Zoie said her name. But in the real world, she was sort of kind of angry.

Roxy looked at me in an almost grossed out pouty-sad face and said, “I do not want to be Gahky.”

I, for the record, think that Gahky is super cute with secret hopes it could stick to be a family nickname… sigh. My fingers are crossed she starts to like it.

On the other hand, I know Roxy will not always be Gahky to Zoie. But I sure am in love with it right now.

Also, since I’m adding in baby book like details right now, I’d like to share that both Christopher and I think that Zoie is definitely the most focused of the 4 Deneweth children. And the neatest. At 20 months old, she will push a chair in after she gets up from the table, fold and put away clothes (in their proper place), throw trash away, put empty dirty dishes in the sink, use silverware properly (and a napkin!),  even point out spots on the tile that need to be wiped up. It melts my heart.


What kinds of childhood names did you have growing up? Did you love them or loathe them? Tell me all about it.

<3, Tabi :D

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