A hot little couple turned A rocking parenting team.

… last night, we went through the usual bedtime routine and 3 kids were snuggling down to slumber town. Then the coughing started. I was laying on the couch settling Zoie, Christopher was in the Bear’s room, settling a wiggly Bear and Roxy was in her bed coughing up a storm.

Step 1: We told Roxy to go get a glass of water.

Water didn’t help.

Step 2: I yell out to Christopher to turn the humidifier on in the girls’ room.

Humidifier didn’t seem to do the trick, either.

Step 3: Both of us get up, Chris instinctively grabs the baby Vick’s. I go for a spoonful of honey, followed by a teaspoon of this magic stuff.

15 minutes later, Roxy is drifting away to dreamland, coughing subsided. Her parents are quietly high fiving in the living room.

Yup. We rock at this parenting gig.

<3, Tabi :D
My look today styled by Zoie.
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