What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: ( dodgeball
It’s been a rainy, soggy weekend but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let a little rain dampen our moods (pun intended). Here are a few snaps from our weekend so far.
On our back porch, we have a cute little potted Desert Rose sitting atop our cute little patio set. On Friday it sprouted a bright yellow squishy penis shaped thing. Saturday morning, it grew and Saturday night it full on bloomed into the prettiest brightest yellowest mushroom I have ever seen. A little google research and I find out it’s called a Spirit Umbrella Mushroom. I also found this cute time lapse video of it’s whole life cycle, you should check it out. Nature is pretty amazing.
We went to a family birthday party yesterday and had lots of chips, crackers, fruit, pizza and ice cream cake. YUM! On the way there, Zoie decided to be a supermodel and got her Duck Face picture taken. Duck faces are kind of cute on 1 year olds.
Being a Star Wars fan is tough on little girls. The Star Wars t-shirts at Target are aplenty for anyone except baby girls and little girls. So when I saw this super easy tutorial to transform a tee into a tank, I scooped up two t-shirts out of the boys’ department and made both of these super cute summery dresses for my girlies in 30 minutes total. Now they can display their love for Star Wars proudly, be cool and stylish! (Notice Zoie’s fashion model pose, Roxy is teaching her good!)
Today we are going to be brave and head out into the rainy day to see Brave. :)
Oh yea, dodgeball!! Ninja dodgeball??
<3, Tabi :D
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