What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: (toenail)

Yesterday, while Daddy was at work, the kids and I kept ourselves busy working on a little present for my Dad (whom the kids call Poppy). Here’s what we came up with and I think it came out super rad.

The kids had a blast posing in letter form! I came up with the idea, but cringed at the thought of actually taking the photos. Usually photo shoots featuring these 3 aren’t so easy, but I was pleasantly surprised how cooperative they were. And I’m happy to report no one ended up with a toenail in their nose (or mouth).
After posing and picture taking, their job was done and I rewarded them with a swim in the pool. After bedtime,  I did a little editing and printed the image out on iron on printer paper and made a T-Shirt for Poppy. 
<-- See? (I promise the actual t-shirt doesn't look so pink and purpley... stupid lighting.)
What kind of creativity did you guys get into for Father’s Day?
<3, Tabi :D
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