I hate when the kids whine, but they get it from me.

I just need to get it out of my system, then I can move on, right???

  1. Regis and Kelly won’t come in on my TV.
  2. My boob hurts and it’s bugging me! (I think I have a clogged milk duct)
  3. My knee hurts and it’s bugging me!
  4. The boob thing is REALLY bugging me!
  5. My iPhone Facebook app won’t let me update my status.
  6. Chris didn’t move fast enough this morning with making my coffee (ok – now I’m just sounding like a spoiled brat)

Wow! That list sounded way bigger in my head. I do feel a little better, a funny picture to further lighten my mood…

King Daddy

… and the moving on part. My goals this week:

  • Do at least one FUN thing with the kids per day.
  • Work out 3 times.
  • Get all the chores done.
  • Plan something awesome for the Fourth of July.
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