Something is going on in my head and/or my body. I don’t know what exactly it is and so it is hard to explain… I feel like I need to relax and let it happen. I’m not going to worry, just going to let it be. Perhaps it’s as simple as an inkling of this virus my little two are going through… perhaps…

So, while my brain is closed for maintenance (rewiring?), I thought I’d make a happy little list of some positive things we’ve got going on around the Deneweth House.

  • Christopher applied for and got a new job within his current company! Promotion! He even gets to move to a different building in the Progressive compound. :)
  • Roxy is doing so well in school, reading like a first grader, pouring out her creativity in making books and pictures every day. She is happy in this school and I’m glad she feels comfortable in an institution I was so worried she’d get buried in.
  • Riley is growing up into such a handsome little freckle faced boy. And such a gentleman! I’m starting to understand already why Mommas are so critical of the girls their little boys bring home.
  • Zoie (who is feeling much better today) is starting to ‘talk’ in the cutest way. I don’t remember the other two doing this kind of talking. It’s like she’s making up her own little language. And she’s definitely developed her shoe fetish… a stage the other two went through, and I remember so well. I guess all three of my children got the Aunt Lisa/shoe fetish gene.
  • I’m happy to report we’ve been successful vegetarians for over a month now! The new menu developing around here is so refreshing.
  • I know bankruptcy is supposed to be bad, but now that we are into it, I see it as a fresh start. We need this fresh start so badly. The suppression of the debt we were drowning in was so heavy. At this point, it’s still there, but I feel like it’s backed off slightly already. 
  • I am so happy to have made the choice to stay home and Mother my children. I wouldn’t trade this past year and a half in for any credit score. This line of work has definitely been the most rewarding, I’ve learned the most from it and grown the most from it. I can’t wait to see where it brings me. I’m so up for the challenge that lies ahead. (So this last one was more of a reflection, but it’s positive to reflect on your choices, and more positive to feel good about them.)
Everyone have a wonderful, happy Tuesday! xo

<3, Tabi :D
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