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    1. It’s cold. You guys knew that – and I promised I wouldn’t whine about it (I haven’t!). But this article giving tips to Floridians on how to deal with the frigidness made me giggle. For the record, I did go out this morning and no, I did NOT wear socks.
      Legwarmers: yes
      Socks: no
    2. I have always sucked at time management. I’m starting to think procrastination is just the way I’m meant to deal with my to do list. I’m good at it, and its worked well so far, so why fight it?
    3. My Bear read an entire chapter book to me after school today. Okay, so it was a Fly Guy book – but still… chapters! And (here comes my Mommy brag) it’s a level TWO book! If you’re keeping track, he’s a kindergartener kicking a grade 1-2 book’s booty.
    4. Remember when I mentioned I braved the cold this morning? Well Zoie and I went to a follow up Ortho appointment and she got the full go-ahead to be a kid again! Woohoo! No more casts/splints and the doc’s full blessing to enroll in gymnastics again. Happy campers, we were. :)
    5. Upon realizing we have no 2014 calendars in this house, I created this fun little desktop calendar. I uploaded it in case you guys needed one, too. (1280 x 800)
    6. I’m on day 5 (?) of Facebook Detox & loving it. I was a major Facebookaholic, so I’m kind of gradually letting it go. If we’re friends and you were wondering why most of my posts lately are twitter links… well that’s why. I do pop in to check in on my pages and and notifications once or twice a day (I can’t just quit cold turkey, you know). But, the judgment and negativity over there lately has been toxic. Is it just me?
    7. I discovered luvocracy. Thus igniting my online shopping addiction once again.
    8. At least I’m a productive procrastinator. I wrote this post while procrastinating!

So, what’s going on with you?

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