I considered myself a fairly healthy person. I eat healthy, I think. On a range from 0 to 10 (zero being McDonalds every day, 10 being organic raw vegan diet), I’d rate myself a 7. I exercise regularly. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs.

Yet, I have always struggled with anxiety. And lately, more days than not I wake up feeling less than refreshed. Okay – a lot less than refreshed. I’m sleepy, sometimes my head is thumping, sometimes I go from hot to freezing in 3.4 minutes and sometimes my muscles ache.

So, about 4 months ago, at a normal doctor’s check up appointment, I talked about it (hoping she didn’t tell me I was just getting older). I also talked about my mysterious breakout in hives for 4 days straight, and my underlying worry about thyroid – since my Mom has issues, I always assume when I don’t feel good, my thyroid is going bad.

So, my doctor sent me for blood tests.

There was a lot of big words spoken at our next appointment that I had to go home and research for 2 and a half days before I came to a sort of understanding of what the results meant.

Let me just say, I was shocked to hear that my cholesterol was borderline high, I was borderline diabetic, Vitamin D deficient and had a high risk for heart disease due to an inherited gene mutation something or other. But – at least my thyroid levels were normal!

My doctor recommended I do a cleanse/detox.

… something else I had to research. I’ve never been a ‘dieter’. I’ve never done a cleanse, I think I would die if I went for more than half a day eating nothing and drinking only lemonade with cayenne pepper.

I came across a cleanse that sounded easy and doable – The Watermelon Cleanse.

The premise is simple: Eat a watermelon + drink a gallon of water in 24 hours. The watermelon contains enough nutrients/calories so you don’t feel hungry + has all sorts of detoxifying naturally occuring stuff inside – who knew?!? This cleanse flushes your kidneys & so I volunteered my husband to join in with me since he’s had kidney stone issues, too.

We went through with the plan on a Saturday.

  1. I did succeed in not eating anything but watermelon and not drinking anything but water!
  2. But, I only got through 75% of my watermelon. Watermelons are HUGE!
  3. And, I only drank a little more than half a gallon of water.

Do I call it a success? I don’t know. I think so?

At first, I felt great! I was surprised to have energy after not having my morning carbs and latte. And I wasn’t even starving. Then 4:00 came around. I started to get a headache. My energy levels plummeted. I am so happy this was a one day thing. I did pee a total of 16 times – that’s a lot for me!

I absolutely felt better the next day – the headache went away & energy levels started to return. And I did feel way more hydrated. I like that. I didn’t get the flat poop some sites warned about – which is good! Did it detoxify/flush my kidneys? Yea – probably. I’m pretty sure that’s why I got the headache/fatigue – since the internet warned me it may occur to detox noobs (which I most certainly am).

So, that was my first step in detoxing. What’s my next step – I have no idea. Really. When I find out, I’ll let you know. Any suggestions?

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