It’s no secret that Moms are busy people. Moms that have 3 children and are also attempting to build up a work-from-home freelance business and have two different children to pick up from school at two different times a day at schools that are 20-28 minutes away (depending on traffic) plus a two year old to entertain all day are hella INSANE busy.

Okay, maybe I’m talking about me now. Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

(about nothing and everything all at once)

I definitely need 3 of me:

  • Tabi v 1.o to devote all my time and energy into my family. To love them with everything, to listen to all their stories, to make new headbands with them, to build LEGO castles, to teach them new skills with patience, to make sure they are happy, content and growing at all times. To have some intimate time with a very patient husband.
  • Tabi v 2.0 to take care of all those boring chores having a family and a home entails: cleaning, cooking, shopping, bills, cleaning, blah blah blah.
  • Tabi v 3.0 to create, network, learn new skills and do all the meĀ  things. I love designing, I love learning new marketing & website creating skills, I love blogging, I love crafts & I love working out.

I CAN’T DO IT ALL. I’ve tried. I want to do it all, but I CAN’T! There are simply not enough minutes in the day.

I’ve tried a rigid schedule (very BIG THANK YOU to Alyson from Vintage Sunshine for helping me out with that!). It turns out that what I thought would be the answer to all my problems, didn’t quite work out so well. It seemed to work for a day or two, but then I’d find myself leaving things out and then playing catch up, hence more stress. Plus, I suppose the rebel in me needed to rebel against my own imposed schedule. I don’t understand me sometimes. I mean, it’s MY schedule, yet I still felt constricted by it.

But, in talking to various people (and not even bringing up my own issues), I’ve found I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE! Yesterday alone, 3 different people listed out for me all the things on their plate that are taking up all their time and leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

So, I start thinking: Is there something in the alignment of the planets that are creating this overwhelming cosmic energy for an insane amount of humans? or, Maybe people are so tired of our lame economy and we are now stretching ourselves… maybe even overcompensating? What I need is to find BALANCE.


This brings me to my new (sort of) endeavor. Sort of new, because I’ve been a BodyFlow-er for 5 years now. But new new because in 9 days I will begin my training to be a BodyFlow instructor. This is something I’m super excited about and only this morning starting to get a little nervous about.

I know I can learn the choreography, I know (I’m pretty sure) I can be strong enough and I’m pretty confident I can learn the art of leading a class with my words and actions. What I’m unsure of is… Can I get myself to the point where I can emit that energy of balance, the calmness and positivity that a great instructor emits. Because that’s what BodyFlow is to me. That’s what it’s been to me for the past 5 years – a place to go to calm the inner me. To restore me back to factory settings. (‘Factory’ being a metaphor for ‘Nature’ in this case.) Furthermore, it’s my whole interpersonal goal for myself to be that calm, positive, balanced person.

I feel like my deadline is upon me. This deadline excites me and makes me nervous – for now. Actually, I already feel slightly better just putting words to my feelings.

How do I find this magical Balance?

So, what I want is a couple days off from all my responsibilities, but Moms don’t get that luxury. Ha! If my Fairy Godmother appeared right now and told me to go head off to the beach for a few days & she’d take care of everything, in real life, I’d probably object. Because I’m controlling like that. She’d probably end up taking the kids to McDonald’s or something crazy.

I suppose I just need to have a little more patience, trust in the universe, make the decisions based on my intuition and the balance will find me?

Or is that crazy talk and I need to use logic?


Thanks for hanging out and reading all 800 words of this post. I know it must’ve taken at least 4 minutes out of your busy day! (Not being sarcastic – I’d run from reading all these words if I saw this post.)

xo, Tabi :D


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