Love the earth. Turn off your TV.

“Well that seems a little far fetched.”  <– I heard you just think that in your head.

Hear me out. Turning off your TV:

  • saves energy.
  • makes you ‘need’ less stuff. Without all the marketing shoved down your throat, you’ll discover that you will buy less stuff. We don’t ‘need’ all the things our TVs tell us we do. We don’t ‘need’ everything marketers recommend. I mean, have you ever seen the list of stuff they say you ‘need’ when you have a baby?!? Buying less stuff lessens the load at the dump (all that overload of packaging), saves you in gas since you are running out to Target way less and reduces the amount of pollution in the air from the factory that made that stuff you didn’t ‘need’.
  • makes you more creative! Really! When you’re not watching TV, you’ve got to do something else. You’ll find things around your house to upcycle into new things, hence reducing waste and filling those actual ‘needs’.
  • forces you to think for yourself. Innately, I think we all want what’s best for our bodies, our community, our world. So, not being told all the time what to think, wear, do, buy – we start to think naturally what’s best for us. And naturally also happens to be what’s better for the environment.

Have you ever noticed how things that are good for the environment are almost always also good for your budget, too? Double bonus!

xo, Tabi :D

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