• Today I’m trying to relax a little, but I’m having a tough time. I get bored easily.
  • The kids (the 3 oldest) have been playing Mario Party on/off pretty much all day on the Game Cube.
  • As of the time of me writing this post (2:00 pm, Saturday), Zoie Rainbow has not nursed for 42 hours. My boobs are starting to feel a little full, but it’s going surprisingly well. I thought this moment would feel bittersweet to me, but honestly it feels more sweet than bitter right now. Is it possible we were both ready to stop at the same time??
  • I made Dairy Free Nutella Brownies. Using this recipe for the ‘Nutella’ and this recipe for the brownies. mmmmm…. brownies.
  • The baby is sleeping next to me, and snoring. She sounds like a tiger kitten. <3
  • Cameron ate the last piece of vegan pizza we had leftover from Mellow Mushroom for lunch and didn’t even say it tasted weird. (If you didn’t know, Cameron is the pickiest eater on the planet!)
  • I should be packing or at least making a list of what to bring on my invasion of Becky’s Kissimmee vacation, but I’m not. Why do I hate packing so much? Last minute packer to the death.
  • The only thing I can think I’d like to watch on TV is The United States of Tara on Netflix, but alas, it is not child appropriate. 
  • I’m wondering after the weaning is complete, what size my boobs will end up being. Shall I start taking wagers?
  • I wish I had a bicycle. With a seat for the ZoBo. I’m dreaming of family bike rides.
Have a wonderful Saturday! xoxo
<3, Tabi :D
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