Today is November 3rd & that means this is my third Thankvember post. 
 My Zoie Rainbow was born September 9th, 2010. That makes her 2 years + 1 month + 25 days old. In her life, last night was the first night she slept through the night in her own bed.
Today I am thankful for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Sleep is important to every person’s health and mental well being (although I’m pretty sure the lack of it makes more of an impact on my body than most people). This Momma has definitely missed her uninterrupted sleep. I’ve fared better than I would have thought if you asked me 7 years ago, but it has taken it’s toll... most noticeably on my memory.

What was I saying?

(jk… sort of)

I’m not a sleep trainer kind of Mom, I just can’t do it. This is my 3rd kid and as much as we’ve tried with all of them to put them back to sleep in their own beds, or even get them back to sleep and then put them back in their own beds, Christopher and I have just found it easier to give in and let them come to the big bed. Everyone seemed to get the most rest that way. The other two eventually started sleeping through the night in their respective beds, but Ms. Zoie seemed to be the most persistent to sleep in the big bed of all of them.

This morning when I opened up an eye and peeped at the time on my phone, I did a mini freak out because it was 7 am and Zoie wasn’t snuggled up next to me. Christopher read my thoughts, and immediately assured me she was just in her bed and sleeping and okay. He checked. (love that guy!)

The night before, we went to the Fall Festival at Roxy’s school from 4 – 7. Fall Festival meant games, all you can eat candy and bounce houses. Zoie didn’t participate much at all in the bounce houses, but she did take full advantage of the never-ending supply of lollipops. I didn’t stop her because, well: (1) I’m a pushover and she asks for “PopPop, peeease?” so cute, and (2) I felt a little guilty she couldn’t enjoy the inflatable playground (which she usually loves) because there were a billion other kids up to 5th grader age all hopped up on unlimited candy that intimidated her a bit. Heck, they intimidated me a bit.

So, was it the sugar crash that zonked her out for the count?

Fingers crossed it wasn’t, but we’ll see.

It sure was nice to have a night without getting punched in the face, or smooshed to the edge of the bed or kicked in the belly a million times.

Although, between you and me, I don’t complain about it much because I know Zoie cuddles at night won’t last forever.

So, me… I’m thankful for great sleep. What are you thankful for today? 

<3, Tabi :D

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