What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: (Mars)

My sweet hubby has to work today, so we moved Father’s Day up a day and celebrated yesterday. 
I always get so worried about these days, I want them to be absolutely perfect, so I procrastinate until the very last moment and then don’t make solid plans to do anything at all (Mom FAIL). So I decided to let him decide, on his day, what he wanted to do and so we did exactly what he wanted to do.

Our day went like this:

I made him coffee in bed as the kids showered him with their homemade cards and coupon book.
Then I cooked up some waffles and hash browns and we had a leisurely breakfast.

After breakfast, he wanted to go for a swim in our backyard pool. The kids loved that idea (in fact, they were jumping up and down with excitement at the mention of it), so they went ahead and got suited and lotioned up and jumped in the pool, while I cleaned up the enormous mess I had made in the kitchen. After the kitchen was clean, I joined them.

We swam for a good while. It was sunny and warm and the rains from the past two days made the pool the perfect temperature. We all practiced flips and handstands, walked around like spacemen on  Mars and Zoie got brave again and jumped right in without her floatie (of course, we are good parents and were right there to catch her).
When everyone started to whine of hunger and thirst, I gathered the kids to come inside, dry off and get dressed. As we were doing this, Christopher decided it was a great time to take the hose and give our screened in porch a nice cleaning (did you hear that? on his day, he wanted to do some porch cleaning!).
Sadly, our fridge was pitifully bare, so we piled in the van for some chips, smoothies and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is something no one around here likes to do, so I let Daddy and the kids enjoy their smoothies in the van with the A/C on and How to Train Your Dragon playing.
Home to unpack groceries, Daddy’s in the garage doing car stuff and modifying the kids’ bikes. He had an idea to take their pedals and training wheels off to teach them how to balance properly. After the modifications were made, they tried the bikes out while I took Zoie off for a wagon ride around the neighborhood.
When I got back from the wagon ride, they were wrapping up the bike practice and Chris was making some last minute adjustments to his car. I asked what was next and he said he wanted some Mellow Mushroom pizza. (I sure did get away easy with not cooking on his Father’s Day!!) So, we packed the kids up once again and had a lovely and super yummy pizza dinner at Mellow Mushroom. 
Home again, I bathed the children and Daddy helped lay them down to bed, I cracked open a beer for Christopher while I enjoyed a cold glass of Chardonnay and we stayed up till midnight watching two episodes of True Blood.

It was a nice, peaceful day. I’m reflecting on it today and thinking that his day is not much different than any other typical day at the Deneweth House. Except for maybe the dinner out, we don’t do dinners out often at all. Christopher is such a homebody, and it makes me happy to realize that what we do on typical days is what Daddy loves to do most of all. Sure, he got pampered a little more (no dish duty on his day), but I’m so lucky to have a man that is the father of my children that enjoys more than anything to spend a quiet, non-eventful day at home with his family.
Also, a Happy Father’s Day to my awesome Dad. I get so sad on days like this when I am so many many miles away from my family. He really is an awesome Dad. xo
<3, Tabi :D
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