1. Garage sales are ideal for morning people. NOT ideal if you are a sucky morning person (like me). It seems the earlier, the better. We started at 8 and had most of our sales by 9:30.

2. Advertise on Craig’s List with pictures!! We sold over $600 worth of stuff in the week prior to the actual sale!

3. Buy those stickers with prices already printed on there. Price everything beforehand. These people are experts and if you don’t have clear pricing, you will be overwhelmed and left with the feeling that maybe you just got swindled a little bit.

4. Don’t try to make it easy on yourself and have everything set up inside the garage. We had so many drive-bys my feelings got hurt. Pull that awesome merchandise out into the driveway under the big tree that’s dropping leaves and dirt and those pollen filled pods all over the place. You’ll probably break a little sweat from pulling it out and it might not stay as clean as you wanted but people will stop, instead of driving by.

5. Forget Sunday. Apparently no one garage sales on Sundays.

6. Don’t trust the weatherman! I spent an entire afternoon creating four beautifully crafted signs and put them out Thursday night, trusting the weather report of no rain until Sunday afternoon. Ha! It rained and winded and my signs were in a pile of pulp by Saturday morning. Get those plastic dollar store signs and put them out Saturday morning.

7. Play music. Non offensive music everyone will enjoy. It makes people happy, and helps those of us non-morning people immensely. Our music of choice: my Three Little Birds Pandora channel. Who doesn’t enjoy reggae in the morning?

8. Have Target/Publix bags, newspaper and small/medium boxes handy. People are more likely to purchase if they have an easy way to carry home the goods and not have to worry about their new purchases sliding around and breaking on the drive home.

9. Cash box? Ha. Wear a sling purse or apron with deep pockets. I bought two $1 coupon organizers from Target and filled them each with a change purse full of quarters and 15 ones for change. Use your iPhone for a calculator and your golden. We had two mobile cashiers and never had to worry about keeping an eye on the cash box.

10. Offer deals. I started with my clothes priced $1 each. I made some good sales that way initially, but when all the Gymboree stuff had sold, clothes were not a hot commodity anymore. I changed my price to 75ยข each or fill a bag for $7. What a deal, right??

We did hella good the week leading up to and on Saturday. Not so good Sunday and we still have a LOT left. We decided to give it one more Saturday morning try and then we’re out of the garage sale biz. I’d rather sleep in.

xo, Tabi :D

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