1. I am the world’s BIGGEST procrastinator (I’m supposed to be working on an invitation right now.)
  2. Even though I stopped breastfeeding 9 months ago, I’m still lactating a little.
  3. I had to check Facebook to see if I showered yesterday or not. I seriously could NOT remember.
  4. I think my friend Sam has magical powers. She babysat our Leia Mouse for a week and now her super smell has disappeared.
  5. My kids went to bed 2 hours past bedtime tonight!!
  6. We gave up on our pool (since we are moving and won’t be swimming in it again) and it is greener than the greenest part of Yoda’s swamp on Dagobah right now. 
  7. Am going to hit publish right now without proofreading.
  8. … for real.
  9. …… so I can work on that invitation now.
<3, Tabi :D
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