and welcome to my first post of 2013
I have a few confessions to make today:
  1. I am horrible with resolutions, I’m better with goals. I did make a lucid decision to activate the activist in me. I’ve always wanted to fight for the things I believe in. While I don’t have a solid plan on this yet, I do “resolve” to do this in some way shape or form. I started (sort of) by sharing this video>> Detox Fashion
  2. I kind of gave up going to the gym for almost the entire month of December. I need working out in my life. Not because I’m getting fluffy, but mostly for my mental health. “Siri, let’s squeeze the gym back into my schedule.”
  3. Today is January 3rd, and today I plan on working on my Christmas gifts to my Mom, Dad, Sunshine and Lala. It’s not as bad as it sounds. We will celebrate ‘Christmas’ when I see them next week.
  4. In my plan to get up and cook an awesome breakfast before our dentist appointments, I was crazy grumpy. Sorry, guys…
  5. I’ve been promising my husband a fresh batch of homemade donuts for like a week now. Today’s the day. (maybe) (hopefully)
  6. I made a kick ass dress out of a t-shirt + tank top. I didn’t have much confidence going into the project, but I love how it came out. Are DIY easy peasy dress tutorials okay to post from a girl who’s teaching herself the art of sewing? 
  7. I’ve been pretty hard on myself these past few weeks. I’m so mean to me. 
  8. I think our mouse has a B.O. problem. Do mice hit puberty??
  9. I wear my R2D2 shirt way more than I should. ( I just love it so much!! )
<< outtie. >>

<3, Tabi :D
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