What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: ( stubble )
Do you ever lean in to give your man a smooch only to get stabbed in the lips?
It’s not an everyday occurrence (the stabbing, not the smooching), so when it happens, it full on surprises me! For all of you that may have your thoughts in the gutter right now, I’m talking about that stray ‘stache hair that is poking out at just the right angle to stab an unsuspecting lip.
This is my man and his beard. The beard that is the longest it’s ever been. I’ve always been against him growing his facial hair out so freakishly long, but it’s a refreshing thing to switch up your look every now and then and in this moment, I’m digging the beard.  This is my Thursday Confession this week. 

I was wrong. (<-- there it is, in digital word format) I knew I would hate a beard, I knew it would make him look Amish/Man on the Mountain/Terrorist/Harley Davidson Biker Gang-ish. Yup, I was wrong, he doesn’t look like any of those things. He looks like my Christopher with a beard. 

Some things I’ve learned about the beard:
  • It needs a professional trim every now and then.
  • It also needs to be shampooed like regular hair (I don’t know why this surprised me, it makes sense, I just never thought about shampooing anything on a human except head hair.)
  • Some days it is unruly. There are good beard days and there are bad beard days.
  • It is less unruly if he puts a little leave in conditioner in there after showering.
  • I like to grab it, give it a little tug as I demand my kisses sometimes.
  • In his beard, there is every shade of natural hair color I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it’s like a hair rainbow on his face.
  • It’s a conversation starter! For real, I’ve witnessed this multiple times. Weird, right? Men striking up conversations about facial hair. 
  • The beard has made facial stubble pretty much extinct, which is another posi point to the beard. Stubble works on some men, but in my opinion, it’s just scratchy. Even worse than the ‘stache lip stab.
If I’ve inspired you to make a confession today, please feel free to fess up in my comments below.
<3, Tabi :D
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