ZoieBoieMy ZoBo all ready for her first day at gymnastics.

Short Answer: A Lot.

Long Answer: I have 3 full time kids + 1 part time kid. My full time kids are aged 7, 5 and 2. As if that’s not overwhelming enough, I am also more than just “Mom” sometimes. I also have a little freelance design business that keeps me a busy busy girl some days. To top that off, I’m working towards getting my certification to be a Les Mills BodyFlow Instructor. <key big grin on my part>

So… What do I DO?

  • I take care of children: I make them food, I drive them to school and pick them up from school, I clean after them and I try my hardest to teach them the skills to be good little human beings, to take care of their surroundings and their belongings and most importantly to be true to themselves.
  • I create: I am a trained graphic designer and creating aesthetically pleasing things is my passion. Whether it be a website, a graphic, a logo, a magazine, a brochure, an invitation, etc. When I’m not creating for other people, I create for myself: this blog, wall art for my townhome, a new vegan(ish) dessert or dinner, a sewing project, etc. etc.
  • I get active: I love what exercising does for my body and my mental state. It’s what grounds me and brings this tireless dreamer back to earth.
  • I try to find balance: being a Mom, Wife, friend, daughter, sister, designer, and simply ME … is a lot. I am forever looking for ways to balance all these areas of my life.

That’s it! Those are some of the things I do on a normal every day basis. I decided to hop right in on this huge Blog Challenge I saw over at Story of My Life, (even though I’m 7 days into May). I’ve been a little absent around here – things happen – big rush jobs, Noroviruses (blech!), training, etc. – and so a good Blog Challenge is just the thing I need to get me back into the swing of things. If you’ve stopped by from that Blog Challenge – Hey There! I hope you don’t mind me tagging along a whole week into the game. Also, I just noticed I wrote on yesterday’s prompt instead of today’s “the things I’m most afraid of” – oops. Ha! It’s a good thing the first rule is that there aren’t any rules. :)

Until tomorrow!

<3, Tabi :D

p.s. I also did a(nother) little blog makeover. So fickle, I am.

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