While at home in LaPlata, MD we got around to looking through some old pictures. I came across this sweet poem written by my then 10 year old sister. I thought it was too sweet to not share.

A little backstory… 10 years ago, in 2002 there was a tornado that ripped through this little town that effected many people and many many homes and businesses were damaged. I lived in Florida at that time, but came home soon after and saw the aftermath of this horrible natural disaster. My family and their home were one of the lucky ones, but unfortunately many of their neighbors’ were not. One of the casualties of that storm happened to be the family vehicle, a 1996 dark green Jeep Cherokee. This poem is about that Jeep.

The Green Jeep

It was old and not working.

It seemed like it was hurting
so we had to let it go.

I know it might seem silly but I love that Jeep.

It saved me from many things like weather and hail
But one thing I will always remember is
It saved me from the tornado.

It was a nice day and I was sitting in the Jeep with my older sister Tiffany. Then all of a sudden a tornado came and damaged many things in it’s path.

When the tornado was gone, I looked around.
The only car left standing was the Jeep. The Jeep had saved my life.

I love that Jeep
and will always cherish it.

Now that the 96 Jeep is gone
I will miss it because it saved me and I have many fond memories in it.

Good Bye beloved Jeep.

I <3 you and I will forever miss you. … The Jeep - poem by Trisha Kohansby, aged 10

 <3, Tabi :D
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