Last Saturday, we packed the 6 of us up in our minivan and made the trek up to OBX for our annual family vacay. Below is an hour by hour (ish) photographic synopsis of our travels. :)

3:47 am, Brandon FL
EVERYONE woke up for the beginning of our travels. As you can see by our start time – this was NOT or intention.
5:01 am, Oxford FL
BUT it still worked out. :)

6:00 am, Gainesville FL

7:13 am, Macclenny FL
Everyone’s up and ready for snacks.

8:27 am, Woodbine GA

8:28 am, Woodbine GA

9:04 am, Townsend GA
Bored? Needing a pee break? One of those I’m sure.

10:19 am, Hardeeville SC

10:58 am, Walterboro SC

10:58 am, Walterboro SC

11:50 am, Alcolu SC

1:00 pm, Timmonsville SC

2:14 pm, Parkton NC

2:59 pm, Wade NC

4:10 pm, Rocky Mount NC

4:55 pm, Williamston NC
My hero! He drove the whole trip by himself. <3
And he looks SO happy about it.

6:22 pm, Dare NC

6:34 pm, Outer Banks NC !!!!!!!
Woop Woop!
We made it safe and sound and was actually a LOT easier than I had imagined. :) It only took us 15 hours, $150 worth of gas and about a pound of Pirate’s Booty.
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