Today is November 1st & that means this is my first Thankvember post.

I am thankful today for my children’s creativity.
Their imagination, the things their minds create and the ideas that they share with the world make me hopeful for a better tomorrow.

A recent entry from Roxy’s journal:

I have a favorite candy! Can you guess what it is? 
I’ll give you a hint. It is orange and yellow and white. Candy corn, is it? It is! Very good!
If you try it you will love it. It has sugar in it. Just a little bit! Because if you eat too much candy that has a lot of sugar then you might get sick!
And candy corn is like a Halloween candy! If you like candy corn then you’re cool!

I am also grateful my kids instinctively think outside of the box and influenced my crazy crafting spree last month. I composed a little slideshow with all of our Halloween related pictures. Prepare yourself for Spooky Craftiness, Star Wars Awesomeness and Deneweth Cuteness. :)

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Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more warm fuzzy thankfulness.

What are you thankful for today?

<3, Tabi :D
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