Today is November 11th & this is my tenth Thankvember post. Oops. Skipped a day!
So, today (I am so proud of myself for this one) I made an easy peasy chalkboard for the kiddos for $6

A few days ago, I saw a picture of a large chalkboard hanging on the wall at a house and thought to myself I had to get one of those.

Don’t worry, this chalkboard will get hung up when Daddy gets home. I may be awesome, but I kind of suck with a hammer.
These kidlets of mine are in a creative explosion kind of phase at the moment. We have plenty of ways for them to express themselves, mostly they end up drawing pictures on paper, or creating something with paper. It’s awesome… and I currently have a 3 foot high stack of creations to go through. A chalkboard sounded like a refreshing new outlet and maybe it might slow the growth of my paper creations pile a bit.

I looked on CraigsList & a larger/non-easel type chalkboard isn’t cheap. I think the cheapest I found was $45. Ouch. Not quite in my budget.

So, today while shopping for some Mod Podge and smooth stones at our local craft store Michael’s, I came across a roll of chalkboard contact paper. I scooped it up and brought it home. I had originally planned on just sticking it to the wall, but then I learned that contact paper doesn’t stick to walls. 
To improvise, I grabbed some hockey picture that’s been sitting in our garage for 7 years (I’m sure the husband won’t mind), stuck the contact paper to the plexi-glass and framed it. The frame just happened to be the perfect size and looks way more awesome than just sticking the paper to the wall.

The kids played with it for over an hour this afternoon. Mommy scored 10 cool points today! Whoo! 

image via Pinterest
in other news…
Today Tonight I am thankful for: MY BED
I guess all the insomnia and late nights finally caught up to me today. I am so happy to be able to crawl into my bed, with my comfy jammies on, cuddle up to my warm husband and fall asleep and not have to worry about school tomorrow. Yay for Veteran’s Day!!
Next week’s a new week. I’m also thankful for that.

<3, Tabi :D



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