Roxy, post shower

So I woke up this morning with half my head filled with fluid. Tylenol, Advil and Mucinex couldn’t make the pain or the leaky nose go away. Yet, I powered through 2 hours at the YMCA, lunch with the kids, cleaning up an accident in a bed, picking up a kindergartener, library, errands at Target and afternoon snacks. Then, I laid down to rest, just for a moment.

Only the problem was, I couldn’t get back up. I had things to do, on my unfinished list were to make dinner and bathe the children.

5:00 came and went, I had a 1 year old happily playing Toca Boca next to me on my bed and two children growing tired of the video game they were playing. Those same two children had already came to me begging for snacks and I suspect they had already secretly raided their candy stashes. They were beginning to waste away to nothing.

Okay, I’ll get up. Maybe some more Advil and an afternoon latte will be enough motivation. I was moving like a slug, but I was trying. And I was failing to get much accomplished at all… What will happen to these 3 poor starving sweet little children??

Just when all hope seemed to be diminished, our superhero makes his appearance. Christopher to the rescue! He came home, made a fabulous dinner, showered the children and put them to bed. The cherry on top? While I was showering, he mended his own jeans… with the sewing machine! A man of many talents.

I am loving the 5:30 quitting time he’s got (for now).

<3, Tabi :D
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