(note: pictures are out of order… silly iPhone app)
1. My ZoBo is LOVIN’ all the extra attention and cuddles. 
2. Riley and another upside down kindred spirit. 
3. We caught a bite to eat at Red Robin (gooood Veggie Burgers!) and Zoie needed her picture taken with this Lady Liberty. 
4. All 8 kids at Butha’s dinner table. It’s a good table! 
5. The coaster at FunLand. 
6. Zoie headed to the park. 
7. At the tippy tippy top of the climbing apparatus. 
8. This stuff (Riesling) tastes exactly like flat Ginger Ale. That is my highly educated wine tasting opinion. 
9. Two frozen kids at Red Robin. 
10. The rolling hills of northern Virginia. I will need to stop and take a proper picture before leaving these mountains. Sooo pretty. 
<3, Tabi :D
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