Holy Shrimp. Summer is over.  <insert sad face>

My excuse for not posting in a blogger’s eternity? I developed an addiction to Supernatural. You know, the TV show… Christopher and I watched the first episode on Netflix back at the end of June (68 days ago) and as of last night, we’ve watched 79 episodes. So – yea. That’s pretty much been my life after kids go to bed since then.

I know – summer’s not officially over until the autumn solstice, but the kids are back in school so it feels like it’s over. I’m so so so sad to see it go. And so freaking fast! Summer was over in a blink this year. I loathe that feeling. <…sigh…>

All that’s left of Summer 2013 for me is the nostalgia. I’m not going to do my normal overwhelming photo dump post to feel ‘caught up’. I’ll split them up this time.

For this post, here are some snaps of our summertime home shenanigans -
just some everyday stuff for the House of Deneweth.



  1. Riley has been on a quest to perfect his ‘bad guy’ face. He’s getting pretty good – very intimidating, no?
  2. A few of the butterfly seashells we found at a weekend day at the beach.
  3. Zoie woke up and said, “Picture me like this, Mommy.” and so I did.
  4. Ball-ble Bath.
  5. O-U-T after a long day at the pool.
  6. Daddy’s Spa Day

Up next … pics from our annual trip to OBX!

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