The big highlight of every summer for the kids (and me!) is going to ‘Mimi’s Beach House’! Every summer since I can remember (save 1 or 2 exceptions) my family has taken a week to vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina (OBX – as the locals call it).

This year was no exception & while things were a bit different since we rented 3 ‘cottages’ in lieu of one gigantic house, I think the most important parts were no different. The kids had a great time. Mimi and Poppy had their whole family together for a whole week. There was sun, sand and ocean adventures every day. Something about the OBX is magical, anyone who’s ever visited can attest to that.

(psst. Prepare yourself for photo overload. It’s one vacation – can’t split them up! … what?!?)


This may seem a pretty gloomy start to our vacation. We loaded up sleeping kids in the van pre-dawn to start our trek up North. When the sun began to rise, it was pretty ‘blurry’ (R and R’s word for foggy) and was actually pretty tranquil. … Until I remembered the horror stories about fog induced zillion car pileups.


The cottage. This place really had character. It’s a pretty old building and I adored the front porch. It’s actually two cottages – our family had the upstairs to this one.


Me + my sisters. I know I look weird. It was sunny & I didn’t have my sunglasses on. Whatev. It’s me and my sisters! Not many pictures of this these days.

IMG_9324 IMG_9331 IMG_9332

1. Kids on a turtle. 2. Riley high-fiving a shark. 3. Mimi feeding my Zoie Bear to a fish. eep!





Porch chillin’!

IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9341

I caught the Bear and Zoie sharing a blanket on this couch. Her head was popped out the left side & Riley’s feet out the right side. It looked funny like she was super duper tall, so I ran to grab my phone – of course they moved as soon as I was ready for the shot. Oh well, they still gave a few different poses. :)


Obligatory family at the beach lounging pic.

The next set of pics is from our visit to the Sand Dunes (aka Jockey’s Ridge State Park) at sunset. Lots of shenanigans + some adorable family pics. (my apologies for the multiples of my family pic attempt – we tried really hard to get the perfect one, but I kind of love the candidness of all of the quirky ones.)

IMG_9355 IMG_9362 IMG_9367 IMG_9369 IMG_9371 IMG_9376 IMG_9383 IMG_9386 IMG_9387 IMG_9388 IMG_9389 IMG_9415

My Bear rode a shark! Yep. He’s a brave Bear.


Chris and I got to sneak out one night to get ‘wasted’ and play pool. My Mom dropped us off in the minivan & picked us up in the minivan when we shut the bar down. A little funny, right? This might be one of my most favorite memories of this trip. Chris and I really don’t get to do this often enough.

IMG_9427 IMG_9428

My attempt at getting the ultimate cannonball splash pic – take 1.

… and take 2 (below).

IMG_9429 IMG_9430 IMG_9435

The whole Kohansby/Deneweth/Steffensmeier clan. Too bad we didn’t have a real camera other than my iPhone – but this is still an epic picture, if you ask me. :)


Snoozing on the way home. So cute. (p.s. Sorry Cam – I didn’t mean to scare you with my flash!)

IMG_9447 IMG_9451


After the loooooonnnnnngggggg trip back. I caught up on laundry, my new 2014 IKEA catalog (!!) and Zoie passed out with remote in one hand, lollipop in the mouth & all.

And that was our Summer Vacation 2013!

Tomorrow – summer’s last hurrah with ________ .

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