Holy schmoly. It’s been almost two months since my last post. Did you think I was abducted by aliens? Maybe I was – probably not.

So a few things have happened since May 16th:

IMG_8709Christopher and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in May and had a DATE NIGHT! This is a seriously rare occurrence in our family, so it was a day to be treasured. We splurged and got tickets to see American Idiot at the Straz Center – then dinner. If you know my husband, he’s not the biggest Green Day fan and he’s an even bigger un-fan of musicals. I was surprised he agreed to my date of choice & he even (gasp) enjoyed himself! Now to figure out how to squeeze in more date nights. Hrmmm.

IMG_8847This guy graduated VPK! My little Bear in a shiny blue cap and gown, walking across the stage to get his diploma bought a tear to my eye – I am so proud of this kid. He’s going to make a great kindergartner in the fall – with all this brains, thoughtfulness and creativity. < sigh > Cliche alert: They grow so fast…

IMG_8722Not only did this snaggletoothed cutie pass the First Grade with flying colors, but she ended her year receiving an Outstanding Character award. I truly couldn’t ask for better children – just yesterday as our landlord was in our home for a good 5 hours taking care of a few minor issues with the townhouse – as he was leaving, he asked for parenting tips – 3 kids, stuck inside on a rainy day and they are getting compliments on their behavior. I was beaming inside.

IMG_8764So with school out – of course we hit up the beach! I got to wear my floppy hat! And Christopher exposed his blindingly white skin to the sun for the first time this year – you can kind of see it if you squint your eyes in this pic – that’s his belly to the right of my shoulder.

IMG_8775We made wish bracelets for the whole family! It was really fun to do! And we are all still wearing them, waiting for our wishes to come true. I won’t tell you what it is, but if Riley’s wish is close to what I think he wished for – this kid is destined for some big stuff in this world.

IMG_8954I chopped my hair off. Hesitant at first due to my daughter’s distaste for girls with “little hair”, but so happy I did it. Lots of dead ends cut off, the healthy stuff remains and it’s not all up in a messy bun everyday again. Bonus: both girls (and the boys) love it! (Phew!)

IMG_8967We celebrated Father’s Day with the best Daddy Ever! It kind of rocks to be married to such a mellow dude. His day of choice? No plans! So we made him waffles and brought him coffee in bed along with a few presents.

IMG_8988The day was hot and the sun was shining on Father’s Day – so Daddy chose to hit up a never explored (by us) park. This girl hung out in a spider’s web for a bit – maybe she was trying to catch some bugs?

IMG_8986Then three out of four of the kids wanted to climb a tree – which sounded like a perfect photo op, and it was! I love this picture. … Can you guess which one was less than thrilled to be up in the tree?

IMG_9045Zoie’s new hero is Captain Hook (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates). This is her Captain Hook impression.

IMG_9033With the onset of summer, I purchased a couple bottles of Chardonnay to prepare for the upcoming premiere of True Blood. I found these bottles at Whole Foods for $2.99/each!! I wish I had bought a whole case because: (1) Wow! What a deal, (2) Yummy!, and (3) The label matches my dining room! It’s kismet.

IMG_8882 You can’t have summer without ice cream. Menchies. Nom.

IMG_9083We were lucky enough to get to see Despicable Me 2 before the release date! I can tell you that this movie is one you will want to see and when it comes out, buy to watch and rewatch over and over. As a HUGE fan of Despicable Me (the first), I am telling you – this one is EVEN BETTER! Love – Adventure – Coming of Age – Cuteness – Family – Minions. It’s got it all.

IMG_9123Rainy days have been upon us. Luckily -we find ways to keep busy. This past Saturday, we took the family to the Children’s Museum as newly signed up Family Pass cardholders (thanks to a sweet deal via Amazon Local). It was the first time we’ve been not on a Target Tuesday (where admission is only $2) and so, while it was Saturday packed, it was hella lot less packed than we’ve ever been. I think the Fire Station might have been the kids pick as favorite part of the museum.

IMG_9110And they made this arch! Couldn’t resist the photo op. If you haven’t been to the Glazer Childrens Museum, it’s a place I highly recommend. Perfect for rainy days, or even too hot to be outside all day days. Just outside the museum is our all time favorite park – Squirt Park (aka Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park). After the museum, the kids can run around, get hot and run through the water fountains to cool off – just bring a towel and/or change of clothes, unless you like drippy kids in your car.

IMG_8933On non-rainy days – we’ve been enjoying the many options we have to enjoy the outdoors and splash around. The Splash Park at our YMCA is Zoie’s favorite spot. This little girl is a fishy and wakes up every morning asking to go. :)

IMG_8950 Sunny walks around the neighborhood with the dog sporting their uber cute sunnies. Yesterday, we took a rainy walk around the neighborhood (when it stopped raining sideways that is). I’m sorry to say I left my camera/phone at home because splashing in puddles and spotting teeny tree frogs might have just been the highlight of our day.

IMG_9087When not in the pool, princess attire is recommended.

IMG_9093Or, dress like Moth Man – be sure to wear your bad guy face for pictures. (Or, as my husband said – Hipster Moth Man.)


Summer time sleepovers with matching pajamas are fun!

IMG_9034 When ice cream is not an option – popsicles rock. Maybe a little messier in the heat – but still super yum!

IMG_9085I finally made good on Roxy’s suggestion to be green and fancy with pretty DIY dipped cloth napkins. It was my first attempt at working with fabric dye – and it was fun! I actually anticipated a much bigger mess, and while the napkins didn’t come out as pretty as the picture in the tutorial, I think they are perfect . It was a fun family crafty activity.

IMG_9089 Everyone got new sun hats (except Daddy) – here Zoie is modeling Roxy’s hat. Wearing hats are fun!

IMG_9127 And of course, IKEA.

So basically – this summer so far has consisted of: family time, dress up, video games, pool time, and staying up late.

Also, I am happy to report that I officially got my certification to teach BodyFlow. That’s right! I am a certified BodyFlow Instructor! I faced my video taping fears/ speaking in front of a class of people on a microphone fears/ and my fear of rejection head on and came out victorious!

All caught up? Good. Hopefully my next update won’t be too far from now. I’m also busy working on my portfolio site which I will debut when it’s good and ready to come out to the world. I’m at that stage in my creative process where I need to tweak tweak tweak until it looks like (almost) perfection to me.

How has your summer been so far?

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