Glimpses from our past week.
(1) Fishtail braid – my first try! (2) Roxy and her artwork at the PTA art show. (3) My goofy Roxtar. (4) Celebratory Menchies. (5) Love note from Roxy to the family. (6-7) New ink! Riley: left arm, Zoie: right arm (8) After flu shot lollipop. (9) Duck Lips. (10) My view of my Riley/Bear tattoo. It’s an ambigram. :) (11) The dress Roxy designed for me. She said when she is grown up and a designer, if I’m still alive I can wear it. (12-15) Mommy and Zoie sickies in bed cuddle session. (16) Riley’s penguin art he made at Y’s kids.
<3, Tabi :D
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