What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: ( relativity )
I found this image here.

With the explanation… “Swiss designer Marcus Kraft contributed a triptych which was an attempt to translate Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity into a piece of concept art: Sometimes, one second can change your whole life. On the other hand, a whole year can feel very boring, unimportant and dull. What if one year is as long as one day or even one second? — Maybe there’s no difference at all.”

I love physics. Not so much when I was actually in school when teachers wanted to teach it to me properly, but now. Now it is one of the most intriguing subjects I can think of. I love the LHC, Einstein’s theories, black holes, other dimensions, the notion that time doesn’t exist and the excitement of discovering new things all the time. This stuff blows my mind and things that blow my mind are my favorite things.

The theory of relativity plays a huge part in modern physics, but it doesn’t all have to be about neutron stars, gravitational waves and black holes. We can apply it to our every days lives. Here is a short list of how I have interpreted the Theory of Relativity since becoming a Mom.

  • Before having children, poop was the grossest thing. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t fathom touching my own poop. Now, after 3 kids, I have been known to say, “It’s only poop.”, and other people’s poop gets cleaned up around here daily, by me with no second thoughts about it.
  • Compare the value of being able to take a shower pre-kids vs post kids. HUGE difference, right?
  • When you lose your kid in Target for 45 seconds (only to find them giggling inside a clothing rack) and it feels like an eternity.
  • Luxury was: a pedicure, back massage, lounging in the sand until someone woke you up. Luxury now is: going to the bathroom without someone yelling at you, knocking on the door or barging in.
  • You put your 4 year old in time out for 4 minutes. To him, it feels like FOREVER, to you it’s enough time to switch the laundry and run back before the timer goes off (because leaving him in there longer than the allotted time would be cruel and unusual punishment).
  • The perfect Friday night then? A crazy night at the club, getting kicked out and reaching home safely to have another drink and pass out with your best friends. The perfect Friday night now? A PG rated movie on the couch with popcorn, kids in bed by 8 and a quiet house to catch up on your favorite blogs/tv shows.
  • Your baby is heading into FIRST GRADE! Wasn’t she born like last week… how did this happen??
That is relativity, according to me. 
 Did I miss anything? Let me know.
<3, Tabi :D

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