The other day I asked on Facebook/Twitter (although no one answered on Twitter <sad face>) …

Tell me ONE thing you do that’s good for the environment & you think everyone SHOULD be doing it!

I got some really awesome answers. Wanna hear?

  • Composting! So much food gets thrown away when it could easily be turned into nutrient rich soil. Everyone should be doing it!
  • Pick up trash on the beach.
  • Cancel magazine & catalog subscriptions. You can look at everything online and save trees!
  • Teach your children to appreciate it.

They are all awesome answers, but that last one really got me thinking! While I do try to educate my kidlets on age appropriate manners of the environment – you know picking up trash, recycling, turning off lights, don’t let the water run, etc. There are things I have held back on. Things I know that if my Mom heard them repeat, she’d call me a weirdo and give me a look.

I don’t care anymore, Mom (I still love you, but these are important manners and it’s my job to teach my children these important things, right?).

A while back, Roxy sent a chalk drawing in to and in return they sent her some stickers and some educational comic books. I kind of tucked away the comic books and let her plaster those cute stickers all over her notebooks, walls, etc.

These past few days, I brought those comic books out and she is into them. Reading them and telling me all about the horrors of animal testing, circus animals, etc. I feel great about it, too. I am ready for the weird look, Mom. I’m ready. (love you)

So, anyways – that’s the beginning of me opening up more to my kids about heavy environmental issues – I just have to remember to keep it age appropriate.

On to the next random ish.


I caught my daughter yodeling. My TWO Year Old daughter. It took me roughly 5 hours to realize what in the world she could have been playing/watching to teach her how to yodel, when my 7 year old told me it was this Endless Alphabet app that must’ve taught her. It was classic. Would have been internet gold if I had actually caught the yodel on video. It was Über cute!

Random ish number 3:


On Monday, the two smallest children and I were waiting in the car in pick up line to pickup the biggest child. Zoie happened to fall asleep. In true toddler fashion, she fell asleep all head floppy, goldfish still in lap, drool dripping into lap.

When we (finally) pulled up to scoop the first grader into the family van, the safety patrol girl opened the door, Roxy jumped in the van. I said in a cheery tone, “Hi Roxy, how was your day today?” Safety patrol girl looked frozen, she looked at me and looked at Zoie (still sleeping) and said, “Is she… uhh.. is she dead?”

<rolls my eyes> “No, dear. She’s just sleeping.”

Really?!? Would I be casually chilling in pick up line and cheerily talking to my daughter if my toddler was DEAD in the back seat?!?!? Okay, she’s just a silly fifth grader. Wait – when do kids get common sense? I’m not mad at her, really – I kind of feel bad for her – just… really?!?!

And finally, Random ish number 4:


This cuteness. That is all.

xo, Tabi :D

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