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Today’s word is: (frog prince
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I have one child who is telling white lies lately. Little teeny lies that are told in order to avoid getting in trouble. She gets caught all the time in these lies (she’s a horrible liar, like her Momma) and we’ve made it very clear that she is getting in trouble for the lie and not the action she is trying to hide, we don’t seem to be getting through very well thus far.

We have another child that, no matter what, believes that nothing is ever his fault. Everything negative around him is caused by someone else… He honestly believes this and that is a problem. If one can’t admit ones faults, one will always feel like a victim. This, obviously, is not good. We explain that everyone makes mistakes, that’s how you learn. This child is getting to the age where grown ups are kind of dumb, so it’s tough getting through to him, too.

And, yet another child that refuses to sleep in her own bed all night. This is mostly my fault. I enjoy co-sleeping, it’s easier and I feel safer, I know she feels safer too. But lately, it seems, she is coming to our bed earlier than usual and disrupting Mommy/Daddy time. I need my cuddles, too.

The final problem child insists on watching the TV upside down. With his head on the couch where his butt should be. I let this slide most of the time until his wiggly legs start accidentally kicking his sisters in the head. I love the little quirks about this guy and secretly want him to stay my little weirdo forever. This one is my frog prince. I know one day, he will meet his princess, she will kiss him and he will immediately crack out of his shell and blossom into the handsome fella that is his destiny.

These are the child rearing issues I’m dealing with currently. And I feel lucky, SO lucky that these are my biggest problems. I am confident we will get through these phases. And I refuse to sweat the small stuff (this is most definitely small stuff). I also refuse to ignore the small stuff, because that’s how small stuff turns into big problems.

Unrelated, but I must share: I almost melted in the toy store today. Zoie grabbed a little dolly off the shelf and said, “Beebee! Peeas. Peas. Peas, Mommy.” Its the first time she’s ever said please and I could tell that she wanted that baby at that moment so bad. She was too cute and I could not stand it. I was a puddle in the middle of Toys R Us. Clean up on aisle 7.

Luckily for our wallet, she found a $3 bubble gun and momentarily forgot about that baby. We’ve already got a large toy chest full of beebees. Phew! This girl loves 4 things I know of so far: 1. Babies 2. Goggies (doggies) 3. Booty (Pirate’s Booty) and 4. BUBBLES!!!

<3, Tabi :D

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