Tonight, Roxy and I went to family Body Flow together. At the end, there is a short period of relaxation/meditation (the most relaxed 5 minutes of my week!). Tonight, the instructor said this,

“Think about something you did today
that you are proud of.”

What a great idea!! It could be anything! Whether it’s the drawing your preschooler did this morning at center time, or how well you handled the two year old tantrum when her ‘popop’ (lollipop) fell in the dirt, or how you rocked those warrior twos.

This is my new favorite dinner time topic. I tried it out tonight. What a positive thing for everyone to do! I actually found, it was easier to pick one thing for each kid I was particularly proud of them for today, then myself.

This will be a great exercise for the whole family to build up confidence in the things we do.

What I’m proud of that I did today: I made it all the way through dinner and baths without losing patience and everyone ended their day happy and in good spirits.

<3, Tabi :D
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