Lately, we’ve been having issues with children having a case of selective hearing. Repeating my requests got pretty old, really fast. It’s no fun for me to bark out orders repeatedly, no fun for the kids and apparently, no fun for my husband, either.


My inventive husband thunk up this little game all by himself. We are trying it out, the system was implemented on Wednesday and the results so far are positive!

The Rules…

  • Each kid gets 50 rocks and a jar (that they got to decorate themselves).
  • Good behavior gets rocks added to the jar as determined by parent in charge.
  • Bad behavior results in rocks taken from their jar and added back into the bag as determined by parent in charge.
  • When all rocks are in the jar, a prize is won!! (In our case, they chose a shiny new Beyblade.) Then the game resets.

Beds have been made without even being asked, vegetables have been eaten much more easily, and I have extra helpers on my chores as well!

My hubby definitely gets genius points for this one.

<3, Tabi :D
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