What’s the Word June
Today’s word is: ( fisheye )

A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure,
typically done during one’s leisure time.

(from Wikipedia)

Blogging is my newest hobby, but I have some old hobbies that I do dabble in from time to time. One of those is: photography. I will not, by any means, call myself a photographer nor even an amateur photographer. I just like to take pictures. Back in the day, it meant I was the one snapping away at my friends while we hung out whether they liked it or not. These days, it’s my kids who get to be at the other end of the lens. They don’t mind, in fact I’m sure they love it.
I got to thinking about my old hobby of photography while reading so many blog posts lately about toy cameras and the different effects you get out of them. I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. I have way too many prints that I’ve held on to and I went about digging through one of my photo bins today to take a look at some of the different effects I used to get out of the different cameras I used to play with.
Little known fact about me: I used to work at Ritz Camera and it’s actually where I met my husband.
While working at said camera store, I played with many many different types of cameras: 35 mm, Polaroid, APS film (geez, just typing that makes me feel old and silly) and digital. I got to develop and print other people’s film and memories (and way more fun: my own film). I also had the honor of playing around with lots of different types of lenses. The most fun (by far) lens I got to experiment with is the fisheye lens. Here are some examples of those pictures. I’ll have to do some more digging because I know I have so many more, but the kids wanted to go swimming, so I had to cut my trip down memory lane short.

See how fun?!?!
Sadly, these days the only camera that gets any play in my life is my iPhone. While the iPhone and various apps can do amazing things, I’m now yearning for something more. And I’m a little sad I don’t have my Polaroid iZone anymore… instant stickers!! Does anyone else remember this awesome camera?
Also, WOW! cameras have totally evolved in the past 15 years!!
<3, Tabi :D
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