Twenty-Thirteen was a good one. I’m going to be cliche and do a reflective post about it. Enjoy.

p.s. When you click  play on the video below – don’t blink. It goes by fast. Like real life.

I started thinking about it a few days before the New Year and I actually feel pretty damn good about it. Here are some of the goals I actually accomplished this year:

  • We became financially solvent. Do you know how huge that is for me? HUGE.
  • We moved into our town home. Everyone loves it here. No pool cleaning worries, no grass cutting anxiety. Seriously, we’re in a good place.
  • I have successfully weaned myself off of medications that I had thought I was dependent on to function. <– Not only HUGE, but it feels so good to know I can function without taking a pill every morning.
  • I became a Les Mills BodyFlow instructor. Yes, me. I actually get in front of a class weekly, with a microphone and lead my class to get a great workout. This is a wonderful first step for me in my path to yoga instructor, which is a long term goal for me. It’s a lot of work behind being a fitness instructor, let me tell you. Next time you get a chance, give your favorite instructor a high five. They’ll appreciate it.
  • I successfully stuck with it and completed my first full year running Tabi DEEsigns, my freelance design firm. And my little biz has grown quite a bit. I have a handful of established and regular clients with random exciting projects thrown in for variety. Loving working for myself!

My goal for this new year: No more ANXIETY. It’s too exhausting. And pointless. So far, I don’t know how I’ve done it, but I’m two days in and have not felt the anxiety bug yet. Go me!

Also: Get yoga certified. :)

So tell me, what goals did you accomplish last year? And what are your BIG plans for the year to come?

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