Something Old.

Turtle Painting

Something New.


Something Familiar.


Something Blue.


I have to admit moving has thrown me for a much larger loop than I ever expected. It’s made me hungry for even more change. So I changed my blog home, too. I’m still playing around with my format over here, it feels kind of cramped. But definitely cleaner.

Kind of like our new townhouse did when we first moved in. All the boxes lining the halls full of our stuff was a little suffocating. After a few weeks of tweaks: out with the old, in with new stuff, rearranging… this new place no longer feels cramped. It feels open, it feels like I can stretch my legs. It’s nowhere near perfect, but it feels like home.

So… changes are happening in my physical home, in my blog home and that is not where it’s ending people. I feel change popping up all over. It sounds totally exciting. I should be excited. But I feel too exhausted to be excited just yet.

After this weekend, where we are setting up shop in the carcass of our old home and selling off all the unnecessary things we accumulated over the years at crazy low prices… gearing up for Easter just might feel relaxing.

Tabi is currently in: garage sale mode.

p.s. What do you think of my new blog home? I mean, honestly!

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