IMG_7453I want to say something about my Mom that is beautiful and endearing and would probably bring a tear to her eye – but my sister already said on Facebook pretty much what I was going to spew. So, I’m going to take a different angle here. I’ll try and answer those questions your Kindergarteners answer about their Mom’s about my Mom.

( This is tough stuff! )

All About Mom

I really love it when my momcalls me on the way/home from work to just chat and catch up on the latest in our lives. Sometimes the conversations teeters on the subject of gossip, sometimes it’s me grumbling about the attitude that is creeping out of my 7 year old and she’ll grumble back about her job. Living so far away from each other, it’s these little chats that keep us as close as we can.

My mom likes to… do things for her loved ones. Whether it’s being by our side when we are sick, sending a little extra cash our way when things happen,  or hoarding away small things that reminded her of us from the store for a big box of surprises the next time she sees us.

My mom’s favorite song is(eep – stumped) probably something country. A song about ass in the sand comes to mind?

My mom always tells meI love you and hug your babies for me.

My mom is happiest whenshe has all her babies and grandbabies under one roof.

My mom loves to relax byOoh! Another tough one. My Momma has always been the sort of go-go-go kind of Mom. I’ve spotted her passed out on the couch in the middle of the day only a few times – does that count? Or, is it ice cream?

I like it when my mom… visits me. She is the biggest help! She washes dishes, folds clothes, (aka spoils me a little), plays with the kids and brainwashes my two year old to only answer “MIMI DOES!” to the question “Who loves you?”

The best meal my mom makes is… reservations. Seriously, I don’t recall my Mom ever being much of a cook, but eating out with my Mom is a treat unto itself.

My mom’s favorite food is… ice cream? I know this is where I got my ice cream obsession. My Mom would take the family out for pints of ice cream when it’s snowing out – ice cream in the frigid winter is actually amazing and makes me think of my Mom every time.

My mom’s favorite TV show is … American Idol. I think. NO – FOOTBALL! Right?

If my mom could go on a trip, she would goon a cross country RV trip making pit stops to visit her children and grandchildren. I’ve been hearing about this one for years. :)

What I love most about my mom isShe ALWAYS has my back. Even if she thinks I’m being weird.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM! I love you and I miss you bunches! xoxoxo

<3, Tabi :D

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