Don’t let her baby blue eyes, cute strawberry blonde sticky up pigtails and pink rosy cheeks fool you. This is NOT my timid child. Do not… I repeat… DO NOT steal candy from THIS baby!

This is different. R and R (the older siblings) have always been labeled as shy. I’m not used to this. Will it make things easier? or not??? Hmmm – this could be interesting.

Scenario: Living room, tons of toys for everyone. Zoie carefully chooses Mr. Freezer to play with/chew on (teething, remember?). Back story: Mr. Freezer is Riley’s choice bad guy of the moment. So The Bear goes to retrieve said prized possession…

Bad idea.

Zoie makes a noise – a GROWL that would make a tough puppy whimper. Her whole body tenses up and she’s turning red. For someone that is 20 pounds and only knows the word “uh-oh”, this is super intimidating.

The Bear backs off. Afraid of the wrath of Zoie Rainbow.

This scenario happens on a steady and normal basis – not a one time anecdote.

Is this normal for the baby in a 3 1/2 kid family? Is this the personality that develops naturally in order for her needs to be met?

Gotta go. There’s a kid yelling at me for some apple juice.


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