Sometimes I sign up for things that sound like a great idea, then later I am full of regret that I committed to something so lame. Sometimes, I build these things up only to be let down and left with a not-as-awesome-as-it-should-have-been kind of feeling.

This was not one of those things.

I signed up for a Mug Swap over at Dalayna Dillon’s fun little posiblog (I just made that up. Posiblog = a blog with a positive message) Pointing Up
The premise: you are required stalk the blogger you are assigned ( virtually not physically ) in order to get a good handle on who they are and what they’re like… so that you may find a “coffee mug” that represents them. You can read the full details here.


I was assigned to Rachel Wightman at Bindawapinda Zuva, which means “A place of sunshine where ALL are welcome”. What I learned about Rachel by stalking her were these things:
  • She lives in Seattle.
  • She is a deeply spiritual and thoughtful person.
  • She is a nature lover.
  • She is a warm and gentle soul.

I shopped around a few places and found ZERO mugs that I thought matched her personality. On the day the mugs were due to be shipped out, I decided to break the rules (oh yea, I’m that rebel), and chose to send this warm little cozy object of cuteness her way.

Image via Love Me Do Crochet on Etsy

Seattle is cold, right? This looked cozy, perfect for a warm and sunshiney soul. Also, I thought the rustic wooden button would appeal to her love of nature.

And, by the way, Ashley at Love Me Do Crochet on Etsy was so great to work with. She shipped out next day (!!) and even included a personal note from me to Rachel. She doesn’t only crochet cozies, there are a few newborn beanies in her shop that make my uterus ache… sigh…  

BONUS! Head over and Like Ashley’s Facebook Page and get a 15% Off Coupon Code!

Anyways, Rachel… I hope you liked the mug cozy I picked out for you. I broke the ‘rules’, but I had my reasons.


So. My stalker sent me this AWESOME and PERFECT FOR ME mug.

Can you believe I didn’t own a Star Wars mug up until this Mug Swap?? It’s kismet.

And I have to admit that it was fun to think I had a stalker… you know, a safe kind of stalker.

My virtual stalker turned out to be Amber Mack from My three bittles.

This mug swap was such a win-win for me. I got a new favorite mug out of it, I got to virtually know a warm soul from Seattle, and Amber turns out to be a super fun and really cool blogger, too! You really should go check her out, we are almost twins. I have 3 kids, she has 3 kids. We both have white iPhones. We both have piercings in our noses.

The Coffee Mug Swap was the first Swap I participated in. Based on my experience, I’m thinking I might even commit to another swap sometime soon.

… maybe.

<3, Tabi :D
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