Last week we let the kids’ play hooky (a little) and take 2 days off school for a mini vacation to the other side (east coast) of our sunshine state. We had a wonderful time & only wished we could stay forever.

A couple things noted:

  1. My kids do this thing where they control the weather. They can make it rain, windy, sunny, etc. The day we left for our hotel, I had a class to teach at 10:30. The plan was to go about my normal Monday routine, pick the kids up at 1:15 from school and drive through. As soon as my class was over, I walked outside and it was downpour. I was honestly naive to the weather, I didn’t even think to check it. It was downpour the whole drive over and even as we settled in. That night we decided to do all our makeup homework and just relax to the sound of the rain and the waves.
    The next day, my weather app told me there was a flood warning & 70-80% chance of rain the entire day. I looked outside, it was cloudy but not rainy. We ate cereal,¬†brushed our teeth and got our suits on to enjoy some of the beach before the downpour began. Well, I must’ve forgotten I gave birth to three water benders because we did not get rained on and had a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach all day long. The water was gorgeous, we had the whole beach to ourselves & the clouds above saved us from getting too sunburned.
    There’s really no other explanation for why our little spot of the beach was sunny (at times) and dry while all around us was stormy and drenched. Yep. My kids control the weather.
  2. From now on, I only want to vacation in the off season. No crowded restaurants, no crowded beaches, reduced hotel rates. Why didn’t we do this earlier?!?

Here are some snaps from our trip. Enjoy.


  1. I seriously have never been to a beach with such beautiful seashells. Pink ones! Purple ones! Lots of giant pieces of sand dollars (though we didn’t find a whole one).
  2. My obligatory ‘I’m chillin’ at the beach – ha ha’ picture.
  3. The little urchin we found & threw back in the ocean.
  4. See those stairs behind my cute kids? They lead up to that little condo – that was ours. We even had our own rinse station all to ourselves – that alone is an AWESOME thing in my book.
  5. Cutie yelling incantations at the waves. I have no idea what they meant. She was pretty much speaking in tongues.
  6. Building sand castles.
  7. I took this picture of my husband taking pictures. I still haven’t seen those pictures. Hmm.
  8. See? All to ourselves.
  9. That storm. Ha! Didn’t effect us at all.

A relaxing day at the beach is so therapeutic. One day I’ll own that island. One day.

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