Tabby Pig

In life – we all come to a crossroads at one point or another. A point when we are forced to make a decision as to which direction in life we will go and this decision obviously drastically changes our future. Many of us reach this point multiple times without consciously knowing it – I have.

I’ve learned that the best decisions I have made are those I have consciously made.

In trying to learn from my past, I move forward in life constantly striving to be more self aware and to notice these paths as they come before me.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Here is a list of decisions I’ve made to which I bear absolutely no regrets.

  • I changed my name from Tabby to Tabi. Well, my birth certificate name is Tabitha, but my parents/family always called me Tabby. When I was about 12ish, I made the decision to spell it Tabi instead. It made more sense to me. I’m uber happy I did it bc it makes me feel more unique, feels logical and separates me from being Tabby – like the cat (I still cringe when people say this). A name is a very large part of a person’s identity – and I kind of feel like I had a hand in my own name.
    (I have a very large pig in my room from my childhood that still says ‘Tabby’. It’s a good reminder of little kid Tabby.) 
  • I moved to Florida. In high school it came to me that I needed to move to Florida. I didn’t have any solid reasons why Florida would be my future residence, other than I hated (with a passion) being freezing and winter chills and standing at the bus stop with frozen hair. And although I do miss my family and dear friends so so much sometimes – this is a decision I have never looked back on as a bad idea.
  • I married Christopher Blair. It took me a week to say yes to his proposition. But, ever since that day I decided to, I have never ever not once had a single regretful thought. I couldn’t ask for a better husband.
  • I got married in Vegas with pink hair. To get married in Vegas with pink hair was the wedding I’d dreamed about as a little girl. Dreams do come true. :)
  • I quit my dead end job to be a full time SAHM. Even though we are in financial ruin. Even though there are days when I seriously question my sanity and even my competency to be in charge of three little humans. Even though my portfolio and skills are way out of date… It’s the best thing for my family and I have never been happier. Living the dream. :)
These above statements are all true. No regrets.

In order to keep cynical grouchy Tabi off this blog,
I will refrain from listing the decisions I’ve made that I do regret.

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