… a lot lately!!

I think about time travel. I think about neutrinos that clock a better time than the speed of light.

I think about ways to better myself – mostly for my family’s sake. I hate being a yeller. I know kids that don’t listen, definitely don’t listen to a yelly Mom…

I think about the best things to eat for our family.

I think about Darth Vader and how tragic it must have been for him to spend half his life misguided by the dark Sith Lord Sidious – when all he wanted to do was save his love from death.

I think about politics and how powerless I feel in our country as a jobless, non tax paying adult. Sure I vote, but honestly, I’ve even lost faith in how truthful the elections are.

I think about the ways we let the kids spend their time. If they need more/less stimulation from their activities and toys.

I think about the economy and how if I don’t do something soon, our way of life that has already changed dramatically, but we are still comfortable in, will again change dramatically. But in a much less comfortable way.

I think about different ways to channel my creativity. I find that for me – not having a creative outlet – is doom doom gloomy.

I think about ways to reinvigorate my marriage. Three little children have a way of pushing sexuality out of a marriage. And for my husband – not having a healthy sex life is doom doom gloomy.

I think about ways to declutter my home. To make it more organized. A clean, organized home is as equally hard to keep with three children as it is important for them to have to grow up in.

I think about how satisfying it is for me to be home and raise my children, making sure all their needs are met. That they are growing physically, emotionally and mentally properly. But there is a stupid voice in my head that tells me I need to do something to contribute financially. There has to be an answer so that I’m not miserable and can still meet these needs of my children.

I think tomorrow’s my birthday…

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