Lately I’ve been a slightly braver version of me. I’m not questioning how I got here, I’m not even going to reflect on what triggered the extra courage.  I’m just going to celebrate it.

Example #1: See that fuzzy spider up there. I caught it, I looked at it. I even lifted up the glass to take a clear picture of it. I didn’t scream. And I set it free in our backyard.

Example #2: I am teachingIn front of a class of people! Real live, not virtual and actually standing in front of me people. Teaching Bodyflow is a bold step for me. I am pretty comfortable performing in front of people, but actually speaking in front of people while modeling choreography/poses, etc. That is HUGE. Somehow, I summoned the courage & bravery and, while my throat still gets dry each time thus far, I am doing it!

Example #3: Putting myself out there as a freelance designer is a scary thing. It’s no one’s fault but my own if I fail. I kind of/sort of started doing that 9 months ago. But now, when people ask me what I do – I bravely tell them I am a freelance graphic designer (instead of ‘Well, I have 3 kids and sometimes I do side jobs, blah blah.’)

Example #4: I find myself asking for things and not fearing rejection. I find myself volunteering to do things I would have been hesitant to do in the past. I am bravely asserting what I want and then courageously taking it.

Example #5: I drove my very large (to me) minivan into our one car garage! And then later – backed out of it!! I don’t know about you, but driving in close spaces kind of freaks me out. I don’t consider myself to have the best judgment of depth, nor the best driver in terms of parking in between the lines. But, I did it. And I didn’t hit anything. Yay me!

This is my ‘just-keep-swimming’ mantra for the day.

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