DIY Glitter Art HangersGlitter is awesome and always makes for beautiful crafts. Am I right??

In our new crib, we have stairs which left me with a long stretch of blank white canvas wall. What shall we do with all that white space? Hmmmm. Lucky for me, I stumbled across this tutorial over at Tried & True Blog (shout out, Vanessa!) … it looked easy, interesting and AWESOME! And, oh yea – cheap! Yep, those are mousetraps.

While it did take me more than her advertised 15 minutes (but maybe I did do 16 of them), it was easy and I was ecstatic with how all of them came out so perfectly. I was even pleasantly surprised at how little mess I made (Disclaimer: I had no ‘helpers’ at the time. ‘Helpers’ would’ve definitely increased the glitter spread.)

So now I have 16 (Z-O-I-E  R-I-L-E-Y  R-O-X-Y  C-A-M) colorful, sparkly art hangers adorning our long stretch of wall going up the stairs. I can change out the pictures, scribbles, doodles whenever I want, easy peasy. Bonus: mouse traps are so light, I used two itty bitty removable mounting squares per hanger to affix them: no holes + no residue to worry about later!

This was such a cool project and a great idea for displaying doodles and fun photos. These glitter art displays would even make a great kid crafted DIY Mother’s Day gift for Gramma’s and Mimi’s who always ask for photos – dontcha think?

<3, Tabi :D


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