One of the many things I did to prepare myself for this weekend was treating myself to a new pair of workout capris and threw two more workout tops in for good measure. Cute new clothes are always a sure confidence builder for me.

I went to the checkout and made a little small talk with my cashier (as I usually do).

Me: I don’t understand why workout clothes have to be so expensive!
>> side note: FOR REAL! I mean, I was at Target, for jeebus sake! $25 for a pair of capris?!? $20 for a top!?!?
Cashier: And you have to be so tiny to wear any of them! <… pause …> It doesn’t make any sense, if you are tiny then you don’t need to workout anyways.

In my head I thought to myself -

Do most people think the only reason people exercise is to get skinny?

Do they?? I don’t. I joined a gym 4 years ago because I needed a way to de-stress. And that’s why I keep going back. What about for health? There are many skinny, yet unhealthy people who exercise would benefit greatly. Strength? Self confidence?

I digress.

Two weeks ago I received my training kit for my BodyFlow training this weekend. Over the two weeks leading up to yesterday I went on a roller coaster. Every day I practiced – I felt great! I loved working my muscles every day. And then I tried to learn it and thought I could never learn timing properly. I started getting things here and there without the DVD trainers telling me and I felt a surge of confidence. So I started trying it without looking back at them for guidance, blah blah blah. It was: up / down / up / down / up / down / ANXIETY.

The day before training I had a lot squished in my schedule PLUS I had a sore throat and throbbing headache – my body was attempting to fight off some kind of amoeba my kids had shared with me. Hmm. Perfect timing, amoeba! The first day of training, I took some pre-emptive Advil to try and ward off that throbbing headache and went in confident in my abilities and knowledge of my track.

Except that I had never used my words out loud to tell someone else how to do the twisty moves I knew so well. Always being a student, coaching someone else to do these things was alien to me. I was a ball of nerves my first time, but I did fairly well. However, at the end of the day – I was exhausted. Not so much tired or sore, but more of a brain dead feeling. I drove myself home and could have fallen asleep for 24 hours if I wasn’t so hungry. I didn’t practice, I didn’t review, I needed sleep. So I ate. And then I slept.

This morning, I woke up and arrived on time for the 2nd day (AT EIGHT AM! me. on time!). I went through the day less of a zombie but I did feel the muscle fatigue setting in – not gonna lie. Long story short, I passed!!!!!! I gained confidence in my coaching, I acknowledge I still have a long way to go, but am totally psyched about this journey.

Purpose of this post: Posterity. Hard work pays off. Most of all – THERE IS MORE TO EXERCISE THAN BEING SKINNY, PEOPLE!

I mean – if this is what most people think, then we are going to have a major obesity epidemic. Oh, wait.

Exercise for fun! Exercise to feel better! Exercise to be more happy! Being skinny is just a perk.

For real.

<3, Tabi :D

p.s. That photo? Can’t post a post without a photo. That is all.


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