4 Things that made me smile today:

  1. I woke up to a glitter Darth Vader box of chocolates. I couldn’t have picked a better Valentine’s Gift. My husband is awesome. <3
  2. Zoie and her first corn on the cob. She dug right in. She’s now a confirmed Deneweth. 
  3. This snarky pink cupcake. It’s sticking it’s tongue out at me! And oh, so delicious – YUM.
  4. It’s Valentine’s Day!! A whole day to focus on love, pink things, sweet things, chocolate things, heart shaped things, romance and pretty much a guaranteed great day. What’s not to smile about??

I love you (yes, you)!!

<3, Tabi :D
This post was inspired by Leigh vs. Laundry’s 52 Weeks of Happiness Project.
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