Happy_Birthday_Daddy IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0299 IMG_9862 IMG_9863Yesterday was Christopher’s birthday. Since our little mini vacation a couple weeks back was intended to be a shared present for his birthday (and my Mom’s), a huge deal was not made on the actual day … but you know we had to make it special for him anyways.

  1. The kids helped with this awesome poster I threw together for a ‘birthday banner’. It’s a lot of fun making your kids create letters with their bodies. We should do this more often, just for fun. :)
  2. I made him a chocolate cake (because Zoie told me that boys like chocolate cake) and, of course , we had to put 36 candles on it.
  3. It was pretty bright all lit up. We all wondered if he could blow all those candles out in one try.
  4. He did! One try!! It was pretty impressive.
  5. The aftermath of the cake + specially requested dinner of black bean burgers + baked potatoes + Brussels sprouts was enormously overwhelming to my exhausted self. Phew, what a huge mess. But it was all so yummy and worth it.
  6. Roxy and the kids all made pictures for Daddy and hung them all on the wall for party decorations. It’s so exciting to see the way the kids’ drawings of people evolve over the years.

I’ve now known you and been a part of your life for over one-third of it. In my opinion, you get better with age. Here’s to making year 36 the best one yet.

Me. xoxoxo


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