What’s the Word June!!
Today’s word is: (intermittent)
Picture: unrelated.
I thought it was funny how she was continuing to slurp her cereal up and the ‘shark’ was lurking in the background. :)
  1. SUMMER BEGINS TODAY!!! Last day of school, and it’s an early pick up. We made it!!! Only 16 more years to go?
  2. This was pretty funny.
  3. Last night, while watching “The Choice” I suddenly realized that I have matured. It wasn’t so much the boys (boys I wouldn’t give a second glance to if I saw on the street) that were the ‘choices’, or even the girls (the way they acted… I’m trying to be nice here and can’t find the perfect word, so we’ll leave it at that). But I only recognized 2 out of the 4 boys and I only knew them from Dancing with the Stars and Kelly Live!, which I’m pretty sure, are shows for the more mature group. At first, I was angry. But I have now accepted it and am now embracing it. I am wiser now and happy with the person I’ve become. 
  4. This tweet. I am, in fact, coming to this realization. Reading affirmations that my thoughts are shared by others and are known to some as truths make me happy in my intermittent spiritual quests. Reading this last night gave me a happy feeling of peace.
    If you come to that realization that you are nothing but a tool*, you have become a realized soul. You don’t have to worry about anything.
    (Not a tool tool, but you know, a tool.)
  5. I also kind of realized last night while flipping through the ‘Geek’ section on Pinterest that I am a geek. I love Star Wars, the Powerpuff Girls (they were in the Geek section of Pinterest), I love to read about the LHC, I think Clark Kent is one handsome dude, I love my Apple technology and the X Files. I am happy to report that I am a proud geek. (I’ve typed geek so much, it’s starting to sound really funny in my head.) 
 Have a happy Friday and Welcome to Summer!!
<3, Tabi :D
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