I am back from my two day hiatus. Did you miss me?

These past few days, we have been taking it slow, spending quality time with each other and relaxing a bit. Today, I’m reviewing 5 things that have made me happy about this past week:

1. My patriotic family! I went ahead and put together this gif (are gifs my new obsession? It’s too early to make the obsession call on that, I think) for your enjoyment. We all looked too cute to not get an impromptu photo session in our backyard before we headed out to the July Fourth Parade.

2. Speaking of my cute patriotic family… I am soooo happy I found this tutorial and was able to make each of them (and me) cute matching shirts/dresses for under $4. Add those adorable red/white/and blue sunnies and they are styling for $5 (yep, I scooped those up from the Target dollar section).
(for the record, Christopher didn’t want to match us…)

3. As much as I love going to the gym, I’m pretty happy I decided to take a week off from it. I feel like absence is making my heart grow fonder and my kids will also be happy to go back on Monday to the play center. They were starting to complain the last few times we went. With the few extra hours this week, we’ve played, relaxed and I am just letting the kids do what they want. Unstructured play is fun for a week, but I think they’ll be happy to get back to getting back into our summer ‘routine’ next week.

4. This made me laugh so hard I had tears! A few days ago, there was a local news story about a wild bear spotted near USF and they tracked it to a tree outside the gates of Busch Gardens. I was telling the kids about it and they asked to see a picture of the bear. I found a news video on my phone and we watched it together.

Riley said, “Wow! She is hot!!” talking about this lady –> I took a screen shot and was pretty proud of the face I happened to seize on. :)

He has never said anyone has looked ‘hot’ before, he has told me I’m beautiful or look cool on occasion, but those words ‘she’s hot’, I’ve never heard from this boy’s mouth before, so it shocked me a little. I said, “You think she’s hot, Bear?”
He replied, “Yep! It’s because she’s outside.”

This is when I couldn’t control my tears. He’s so cute. It is hot outside and she is wearing long sleeves and all…

5. Reminiscing through old photos. Reliving memories. Strolling down memory lane. I have a TON of old photos. Here’s one I wanted to post for Mrs. Melissa Baker’s Flashback Friday. That is me and one of my besties Nicole circa 2002? We were definitely cuties. I love that I still am friends with all the best people in my old pictures. THAT makes me super happy! :)

What is making you happy today?

<3, Tabi :D

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