Ready? Set… Go!

1. My newly installed Instagram Wall. In the shape of a heart. Featuring some of my favorite memories from the past year, but most importantly… my favorite people. It’s so cute! :)

2. Zoie and her hat. I got her dressed this morning. Did her hair in two cute ponies and matching blue bows. I turn around and she’s got this hat on her head and refused to take it off. She wore it all the way to the Y and all the way through play center. Once we got back in the van, she was done with it. This is big, because she’s always hated hats. I was a proud Mommy today.¬†

3. Roxy and her first crush? Today we took advantage of the day off of school and decorated our Valentine Mailboxes. Roxy has her name on one side and Han on the front. As in Han Solo. Good choice for a first crush if you ask me.

4. This old picture of Chris and I.¬† I was going through some old photos. Some of them definitely made me giggle. I believe this may be the very first photo of Chris and I? We weren’t together¬† at the time (I had a boyfriend) and in retrospect, I noticed there were an awful lot of photos of Christopher in that album from the other boyfriend time period. And for the record, I totally hated that hat he’s wearing (and he still has it). ;)

5. The support my cousin’s family is receiving. My heart is breaking that I can’t be there for his funeral tomorrow, he deserves to have everyone there. I’m totally bummed, but I just can’t. :(
BUT I am ecstatic about how fast the family has come together to plan the celebration of his life and even the financial support the family has received. It’s freaking amazing!! I wrote a little bit about this tragedy here.

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<3, Tabi :D
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